Heatset Presses: 

    Southwest Offset Printing heatset presses are equipped with the most advanced technologies available to the printing industry today. Auto-plate cassette systems allow plate changes in less than five minutes, whether it’s one plate or sixteen.

    Ink presets are derived straight from the RIP, hitting target ink densities within the first few revolutions off press. Superior color management, registration and cut off controls slash makeready waste while maintaining press control and optimum quality throughout the press run.

    Three zone state-of-the-art dryers allow us to print various stocks of coated or uncoated, matte, dull, gloss or book stock with basis weights from 32# to 9pt. With multiple page count configurations – anywhere from 4 to 32 pages – that allow maximum product and signature configurations, we are your one-stop premier solution provider for all catalog and publication media requirements.

    • 5-unit Heidelberg M600 single-web, single-oven with 22.75” cutoff x 38” web width. Auto-plate system, closed loop color system, CIP 3 and CIP 4 ink preset systems. Automated register control systems (RGS5). Combination folder, sheeter, ribbon deck and Goss PFF folder with 4 and 8 page module.
    • 8-unit Heidelberg M600 double-web, double-oven with 22.75” cutoff x 38” web width. Closed loop color system, auto-plate. Automated register control systems (RGS5). Combination folder and ribbon deck.
    • Offline UV coating capabilities.

    Coldset Presses: 

    • 48-unit Heidelberg Mercury Press with 22” cutoff. 40 page 4-color tab maximum. 36 page four color standard maximum. QTI digital registration. Omnicon control digital system preset ink controls. 18 Megtec Auto Web High Speed roll splicers. Two JF 35 double former folders. Jaw, quarter fold and combination folder.
    • 48-unit DGM with two 1240 folders with double formers and one 1035 folder with double former 440 press units. 22” cutoff. 40 page 4-color tab maximum. 36 page 4-color standard maximum QTI digital registration. GMI digital present ink controls. 18 MegTec zero speed tandem roll pasters.

    Straight run — Max page count (tab) 64 pages with 20 pages color. Or, 40 pages with 28 pages color.

    Collect run — Max page count (tab) 128 pages with 40 pages color.


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    Whether it’s magazines, catalogs, brochures, newsletters, or newspapers, we have you covered! SOP is an award-winning print company with high-end reproduction quality and the versatility to print anywhere from a hundred copies to over a million. Choose SOP for your next project and join the long list of distinguished clients who enjoy the peace of mind that results from working with a true industry leader.



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